August 2019

6 Steps to Creating Better Team Meetings

As you move up the corporate ladder, you will have to organize team meetings. For many this is a challenging task and for others it can be the one thing they love to do. However, a good team meeting must be productive and purposeful for your organization. Bad meetings can kill the motivation and productivity on your team so here are six steps to creating better team meetings: Always start with a purpose. Keep them short and to the point. Make sure everyone knows why they are at the meeting. Make sure everyone understands what action steps need to be...

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7 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Motivating your employees to achieve more is one of the most common challenges all new leaders face. The trick is to apply these seven methods and you should start to see a change in your team's motivation. Here they are: Listen to their ideas and acknowledge their creativity. Make sure to allow them to share input on how to achieve the goal. Incentives work when they mean something to the team. Recognize the team players regularly on the good work they are doing. Make sure the team can see progress - transparency helps teams see what still needs to be...

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5 Common Ways to Communicate Better

Communication skills is essential to developing strong and healthy relationships at home and work. Here are 5 common ways you can communicate your ideas better so you can have better outcomes: Listen more than you speak. Write it down before you share it. Get to the point and keep it concise. Talk it out to work it out. Use visuals if you have to. These are just some quick ways professionals express their ideas effectively at work. Do you have any other methods you use to communicate better? Feel free to share them with us!

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