PRE-ORDER(Avail. June 1, 2020): Get Your Focus On! A Simple Plan to Help the Busy Person Stay Focused on What Matters Most


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Edgar R. Olivo

Edgar R. Olivo

Edgar Rafael Olivo is an award-winning bilingual business communication expert, international corporate trainer, author and speaker whose work has been featured on Univision, Telemundo, CNN Latino, NPR, Phoenix Business Journal and many other media platforms. He founded Compass CBS, a computer and business school that delivers innovative leadership and training solutions to top businesses in North and Latin America in order to help them grow and develop strong, harmonious, productive and inclusive work communities.

His career has been focused on creating programs for leadership teams to create the environments where people and business can thrive with excellence in communication, thoughtful strategies and cultural inclusivity. He frequently advises senior executives working on large-scale, company-wide employee learning initiatives. His approach embraces human nature and new technology to strengthen knowledge and confidence in their people. His advice has helped organizations improve morale, retain and grow talent, reduce employee turnover costs, and increase productivity and sales.

A passionate advocate for economic development, community, culture and education. Edgar has invested much of his philanthropic efforts as an executive board member for grant-giving organizations, social-arts focused charter schools, financial advisory boards, and social justice projects.

Edgar is certified in business, finance, data analytics, corporate training, and executive coaching. He holds a business communication degree and applied business data analytics certificate from the W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

When he is not working, you can find Edgar on his ranch in Northern Arizona searching for fossils and assisting his husband build a natural history museum.

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! Available June 1, 2020!

Are you a busy person with a lot on your mind? Do you get worried about making sure you are on the right path in your life or career? Do you have a hard time focusing on what matters most sometimes? This book is for you!

Getting to the next level of your life can feel like a confusing transition, especially when we do not spend enough time evaluating what is holding us back and pulling us forward.

Every busy person finds out at one point or another just how important it is to clarify what matters most so you can make the best decisions to successfully grow as a confident leader.

Edgar is an award-winning bilingual business leadership educator who has coached and trained thousands of busy professionals at every stage of their career for over 15 years.

In this book, he shares with you his valuable lessons that helped him grow as a leader in his industry across the US and Latin America. His simple 5-step approach will help you develop confident decision-making skills, clear the way for your values to shine, and act on your ‘focus’ strategy for your next move!

As a bonus, Edgar included a personalized mission statement template he uses with every busy person he coaches. This mission statement template will come in handy during those moments when you need a personal reminder and help you keep focus on your “why”.

Give your journey a jumpstart and GET YOUR FOCUS ON!


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